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EV chargers update 23 Dec 2022 What does the data tell us about usage of the EV chargers in Eynsham?

As it has now been over eight months since the electric vehicle (EV) charging points were installed in Eynsham Back Lane car park, those behind the project have shared some data around their usage with the Parish Council.

The iHub Innovation Team at Oxfordshire County Council, which has overseen the installation of EV chargers in 20 Park and Charge sites across the county, has been monitoring usage at the various sites and informed us of the steady increase in usage in Eynsham.

From 39 charging sessions in April, the sessions rose to over 90 by November, with an average of 3 charging sessions every day. Considering the size of our parish, this is encouraging news; indeed, Eynsham isn’t seen as one of the ‘quieter’ sites across the Park and Charge map.

It was also noted that the length of the charging session in Eynsham is steadily increasing, which could indicate that vehicle owners without access to a charger at their home are using the car park for their main charging session.

We hope residents are finding these new EV charging points useful and that their accessibility may gradually encourage more local people to switch to electric vehicles in the coming months and years.

The iHub Innovation Team continue to work on the EV project across the county. They are now exploring the potential of EV car clubs, allowing for electric vehicles to be shared with others in the local area. The idea will be explored in a number of pilots from March 2023 – and Eynsham remains in the running as a potential area for a pilot, so watch this space! 



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