Thames Water updates

Thames Water updates

We are aware of various, ongoing issues associated with Thames Water in our Parish. We also recognise the inconvenience that these issues are causing for current and future residents. This page will provide the latest information we have from Thames Water about these issues. 


Nursery and Plant Centre

Thames Water has confirmed with the Parish Council (30 Jan 2023) that there is no issue regarding waste water capacity at this site. This was confirmed in a letter to West Oxfordshire District Council in July 2020.

However, there have been difficulties in establishing a water supply to the development within an acceptable timeframe. This is due to the challenges of crossing the A40, due in part to existing obstructions and ongoing works in the area where the main pipe was going to be laid. 

Following discussions with Oxfordshire County Council, Thames Water has now obtained an approved permit to commence the works and it is anticipated that this will take place as follows:

1. 22 Jan 2023 - complete the diversion of the existing water main

2. 23-27 Jan 2023 - install new 125mm water main across the A40 to Cuckoo Lane (approx. 50m north of the A40)

3. 6-10 Feb 2023 - pressure test, chlorinate and sample new water main

4. 13-17 Feb 2023 - sample in bacteriological analysis at Thames Water’s laboratories

5. 20-25 Feb 2023 - final connection into Thames Water’s clean water network, delivering new connection to the development

Thames Water noted that works should proceed as listed above provided:

• they don't experience ‘an event’ on the surrounding clean water network e.g. a burst clean water main

• a third party (e.g. from the existing road ‘owner’/Highway Authority, Emergency Services etc.) doesn't inhibit progress  

Pipe Fixing Works in Back Lane

Currently (Feb 2023), Thames Water contractors are fixing a burst pipe in Back Lane, Eynsham. A section of the road is closed and will be until 20 Feb 2023.

The repair work will involve re-lining an area of the pipe which has collapsed and is causing some issues within the village.

In a letter sent to residents, Thames Water explained that "the foul water sewer in Back Lane currently has a defect" and the dig required to make the necessary fix "goes to a depth of 4m". The depth means that, unfortunately, "this won't be a straightforward fix" and Thames Water is "unable to confirm a timeframe currently".

Residents were reassured that there would be no impact to either clean water or wastewater service. The letter is available to read in full at the bottom of the page. 

West Oxfordshire District Council action on sewage

The District Council has shared details (March 2023) of their ongoing work with Thames Water to identify and address some of the issues that are causing sewage to end up in our waterways. 

The District Council has changed planning regulations to ensure sewage treatment capacity is considered when any developments are planned and are supporting Thames Water in safely improving capacity. Read more in our news piece.