What We Do

The Play Areas are managed by the Amenities & Estates Committee.

There are play areas to the south, east and west of the village - see green stars on the Recreation Map.

  • on Oxford Road north side including the Skate Park
  • behind Dovehouse Close / Wytham View
  • at the entrance to Old Witney Road.

Our Play Area Policy was adopted in March 2010 after extensive consultation.

We're always interested to hear from parents and carers, as well as young people themselves. Please get in touch with your comments and suggestions.

Previous Play Area Committee minutes and agendas are provided for background information only.


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Witney Road trampoline 2014 - Old Witney Road was redeveloped in 2007 and further improvements since 2013 have been funded by developer contributions. - Photographer Eynsham OnlineWitney Road multi-play 2014 - Photographer Eynsham OnlineOxford Road Play Day 2013 - Photographer Eynsham OnlineOxford Road concept drawing - Photographer West Oxfordshire District CouncilDovehouse 'Come and Play' 2010 - 2 - Photographer Eynsham OnlineDovehouse 'Come and Play' 2010 - 1 - Wytham View was transformed into Dovehouse 'Come and Play' 2009-10, with a combined grant total of £85,000 providing for all ages and abilities. - Photographer Eynsham Online