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This is a defining moment - act now! 7 Aug 2020 (EPIC) Help is at hand from EPIC & GreenTEA to help you respond to the Garden Village Outline Planning Application!

At last we have got our heads around developer Grosvenor's huge and complex Outline Planning Application for the Garden Village. As time is short before the August 13th deadline, we are offering you a template for an initial response which you can just send to WODC, as it is, or modify it to your areas of interest and add in your own views to create your own letter or online response. Personalised responses carry more weight in consultations.

Attached below: 

  1. A guide about how to create and send in your response
  2. The template letter/online response

So please have your say, however short, about this IMPORTANT outline planning application.

Good luck!

The EPIC & GreenTEA teams

With endorsement from the Eynsham Society


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Local Covid ResponseEynsham NewsEynsham Image ArchiveMaps & Walks