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Nature and climate online community 1 Aug 2023 District Council launches a new ‘Greenlight’ platform

Residents who are seeking ways to collaborate with others on living a ‘greener’ life will be interested in the new online hub that West Oxfordshire District Council (WODC) has created online called ‘Greenlight’.

The intention is to make it easier for communities and individuals to share ideas and work together to make small changes that contribute to address climate change, support nature recovery and promote biodiversity in the district.

Greenlight is accessible online and the platform has a forum for asking and sharing advice. There is also an interactive map for finding out about activities happening locally and a directory of environmental groups across West Oxfordshire.

The intention is to keep the page updated with tips, quizzes and competitions, with videos and additional instructive resources to be added in the coming months.

We know that many of our residents are passionate about climate change issues, nature and biodiversity and would encourage those interested to visit the platform if in need of advice or support, or interested in collaborating more widely on activities and projects.

Visit Greenlight to find out more – it is hosted on the West Oxfordshire District Council website.



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