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The Eynsham Village Website has been designed so as to be as accessible as possible.

With this in mind it has been produced according Conformance Level A' (Priority 1) of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0:

  • The majority of font sizes are relative, compatible with user-specified "text-size" option in Web Browsers. Users may increase or decrease text sizes on most browsers using text or font size options found on the "View" menu.
  • For people who are colour blind or visually impaired, conveying information through colour alone has been avoided. The user has the option of choosing a colour by name if he or she is not able to see the colours, and links will be determined by using icons or underlining of the text link.
  • Wherever possible pages have been designed so that the user does not have to wait for all the images on the page to finish loading before he or she can start reading information on the page.
  • For users using non-graphical browsers, textual descriptions are included for all images that convey useful information, but decorative images can be omitted so as to access relevant information on the page as soon as possible.
  • Wherever possible pages have been designed so that the content makes sense when read by a screen-reader. The user should be able to move through the content and tab through form fields in a logical way.

The main menu is navigable by keyboard controls:

  • The tab button will navigate through all links* on the page in sequence.
  • Shift-tab will step backwards in the sequence.
  • To navigate to a highlighted link’s target, press the Enter key.
  • After a page loads, the first press of the tab button will select the logo which is a link to the homepage (a standard).
  • The second press will reveal the link to the content area
  • The third press will highlight the Home button on the menu, and successive tab presses will move through the top level menu items, but it won’t expand any menu items like ‘Village Info’.
  • To expand a menu item, either press Enter when the expandable top level item is highlighted, or press the down arrow. Then the tab button can be used to move through the sub menus, including sub-sub levels.
  • Once a menu item is highlighted, the arrow keys can also be used to navigate through the menu and all sub menu items. When no on the menu, the up/down arrows will scroll the whole page.
  • After the menu, the tab sequence moves through links in the content area starting with breadcrumbs and page links (if present). If an area is scrollable, then the tab initially goes there and up/down will manage the scrolling, but the scrollbar unfortunately can’t be highlighted. It will go through any left column before the right.

*The banner ads on the right are not included in the sequence (this is because due to the structure of the page, they would otherwise appear in the tab sequence before the left column and it would confuse people).

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