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This is where you will find key information, documents, news and meeting dates, as well as general details about your Parish Council.

Eynsham Parish Council represents the interests of the people of Eynsham and Barnard Gate to other public authorities, and is consulted on things like planning, public transport, road improvements, mineral policy, tourism and crime prevention. We also handle....

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At present, we are actively involved in:

We currently have 13 councillors, with two vacancies remaining. Are you interested in being more involved in the local area? Do you feel passionate about issues that are affecting our lives in Eynsham? If yes, we want to hear from you. Read more about the eligibility requirements on the Councillors tab, where you can get to know the people already serving our community. Being a councillor is a voluntary position but can be very fulfilling. Find out why our councillors enjoy it in their Q&As