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Thames Valley Flood Scheme 10 Apr 2024 Sign up to learn more about plans to reduce local flood risk

The Environment Agency is leading a project that seeks to reduce flood risk across the Thames Valley that residents may like to learn more about, as it could impact our local area.

The Thames Valley Flood Scheme, which the Environment Agency is exploring along with other partners, would involve using floodwater storage, supported by natural flood management on a large scale across the Thames Valley. Potential locations for use as floodwater storage are currently being investigated. One of these areas includes Eynsham.

No areas have yet been confirmed as a site for use as floodwater storage, but there is a short list which is being investigated. The team plan to share technical details as well as sustainability assessments once investigations are complete. This will enable a decision to be made as to whether this project would be worthwhile to reduce the risk of flooding over the long term.

More information about the project and the process is available on the designated website: Thames Valley | Engage Environment Agency (engagementhq.com) Residents will find explanatory videos, maps and documents on this website, as well as monthly project newsletter that share the latest news.

Eynsham Parish Council will be monitoring this project and share any key information that we receive, and that would be of interest to the community, in due course.



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