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Changes to bin emptying 11 Oct 2023 Responsibility for some public bins reverts to the Parish Council

The Parish Council is pleased to announce that it is taking over the management of some of the litter bins in the parish.  

Historically, the management of all the public rubbish bins in Eynsham was the responsibility of West Oxfordshire District Council, although bins have gradually become the responsibility of local councils in the past few years.  

In 2020, the District Council started a Litter Bin Placement and Renewal Programme, which involved a number of bins being removed and/or replaced. The Programme resulted in bin-emptying costs dramatically increasing, which in turn led to local Parish Councils being asked to take over the responsibilities for this service.   

While the District Council remains responsible for emptying bins within the centre of Eynsham village (including the bin directly next to the Spar shop), the Parish Council has now taken over this service for 16 of its bins.

We have engaged a contractor to service the bins and added stickers to the bins that we are responsible for to clearly identify them to residents. These stickers have a QR code on them: this can be scanned using the camera on a smartphone that will create an email for residents to quickly send.  The QR code is specific to the bin’s location, so this method helps us to arrange for the correct bin to be emptied as soon as possible by our contractors.

For those without smartphones or unable to use the QR codes, we’d invite you to send an email to the Parish Council with the words ‘Bin emptying’ in the subject line. Please ensure you include clear details of the location of the bin.  

Cllr Dan Levy, the County Councillor and District Councillor representing Eynsham, said: "It is always good to see services provided as locally as possible. It is excellent that that Eynsham Parish Council has chosen to take on responsibility for most of the public bins in the village."

We hope that our new system will ensure that bins are emptied as needed, helping keep the parish as tidy and pleasant as possible. This is especially important in the ‘busy’ areas where bins can be well-used.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new approach, feel free to contact us via epc.comms@eynsham-pc.gov.uk.



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