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Vice Chair Q&A: Cllr Sue Brown 26 Sep 2023 Get to know our new Vice Chair in her Q&A

When did you join the Council?

I joined in 2011. I am really interested in what happens in my community and thought this would be a good way to get more involved.  

What has most surprised you since you became a Councillor?

Becoming, quite recently, Vice Chair! It isn’t something that I ever set out to do, but decided to volunteer when the previous Vice Chair left the Parish Council. I know I have lots to learn but feel supported by our excellent Chair, Clerk and Officers.

What’s the biggest misconception about the Parish Council?

That it is only for retired people and that every decision about Eynsham is made by the Parish Council. 

What makes a good Councillor?

Someone who is prepared to give up some of their time to attend meetings and read the accompanying documentation. Having a keen interest in at least one area such as planning, finance, and the environment is also desirable.

What makes a good Parish Council?

A diversity of views, skills and backgrounds is a definite strength for a Council. Councillors that are respectful of each other’s opinions is also important. Being realistic about what can be achieved by the Parish Council also helps keep things on track and having good IT systems aids communication between officers and councillors.

What’s your favourite community activity?

It has to be the Carnival. I was born in the village and have rarely missed the event. I particularly enjoy the pram race (Shirt Race) and the parade.

What is your profession?

I work for Oxfordshire County Council in Early Years Education.  It’s a very busy time at the moment, following the announcement of the expansion of free childcare in this year’s spring budget.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

I am a season ticket holder for Oxford United and go to matches with my daughter Lucy. I also enjoy walking and listening to true crime podcasts, often at the same time.

Contact Cllr Sue directly via sue.brown@eynsham-pc.gov.uk. Could you be a Councillor? Find out more about the role in this document or contact the Council for a chat via epc.comms@eysham-pc.gov.uk.



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