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Thames Water update: Back Lane 18 Aug 2023 A warning for residents as repair work enters new phase

Eynsham Parish Council has been informed by Thames Water that they will be starting a new step in their repair process in Back Lane that could restrict some residents’ access to their driveways. 

Thames Water has now completed the first phase of the work in Back Lane: replacing the collapsed pipe. The next step is to replace the remaining stretch of the sewer to ensure future operational sustainability and avoid any further issues. To facilitate this, the team will install an over pump along the whole length of the road, which they have warned limit some residents’ access to their properties on the road.

This work will start on Monday 21 August and only a few driveways may be restricted. If you are impacted, Thames Water is willing to pay any additional cost incurred with your car insurance provider for parking elsewhere during the disruption.  

Closures are in place to facilitate this work until 7 December, but Thames Water say they hope to complete the work ahead of this date. Until the work is complete, there will be additional noise and activity on the road, but the clean water and wastewater services should continue as normal.  

We recognise how frustrating this will be for residents on Back Lane and all those travelling along the road in the coming weeks. We’d encourage Back Lane residents who have space on their driveways and remain unaffected by the restrictions to offer the parking space to their neighbours and help everyone to find a safe, accessible place to park their car during this period of disruption.

If you have an appointment at the Medical Centre, we’d advise checking your driving route (and the placement of diversions) to ensure you have sufficient time to get your car parked before your appointment.

Eynsham Parish Council will remain in contact with Thames Water and share any further updates we receive via our website.   

The letter that Back Lane residents should have received from Thames Water detailing the work is available to view below. 


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