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Meet our staff: Dave Syphas 29 Aug 2023 Quick Q&A with our staff members

Dave Syphas is the Caretaker on the Village Hall Committee and has recently become a staff member with the Parish Council. We're delighted to have him on the team!  

How long have you worked with the Village Hall committee?

I worked for the hall for 6 years, then had a break of a couple of years through lockdown. I’ve been back for approximately 18 months now.

Why did you join initially?

My wife heard about the position through working for the police at the time – she was based in the police office within the village hall. I thought it would be interesting and rewarding to be part of a community organisation.

What do you find interesting about the work?

The job is varied and I have been able to expand my knowledge of various topics, such as deep cleaning with machinery, security and health and safety.

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?

I think the most challenging thing is keeping the hall ‘up to scratch’ between users, and also keeping the outside areas tidy.

What memory stands out from your time working at the hall?

One of the most memorable occasions was when David Cameron came to unveil the plaque in memory of one of the founders Fred Wright. That was a very exciting morning.

Do you live locally?

I lived in Eynsham for 18 years, from when I met my wife, but I now live in Stanton Harcourt. However, we still have lots of family and friends in Eynsham, as this is where my wife was born.

What’s your favourite local event?

It has to be the Carnival!

What do you do for fun?

We have three dogs that need lots of walking and we have a small holiday caravan in Gloucestershire where we spend most weekends.

Why is Eynsham a great place to belong?

Eynsham has everything! Shops, doctors, dentists, library, a wine merchant, cafes…and a brilliant bus route to Oxford and Witney.



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