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Higher charges to disrupt busy roads? 11 Jan 2024 Consultation on County Council’s Lane Rental Scheme

Oxfordshire County Council is running a consultation on a Lane Rental Scheme which would charge those who disrupt the busiest roads during peak hours for repair works. Considering the amount of disruptive works that have closed roads around Eynsham recently, this is something residents may like to comment on.

Currently, there is a Permit Scheme in place which charges a flat fee (up to a maximum of £300) when utility and council works are carried out on streets in the county. Lane Rental would replace this scheme, charging a daily fee of £2,500 on works – utility and council works, as well as housing developers’ activities – that disrupt the busiest roads in Oxfordshire only. These roads account for about 5% of all roads in the county and the proposed list of roads for inclusion is available here: Oxfordshire Lane Rental Scheme map | Lane Rental Scheme proposal | Let's Talk Oxfordshire.

The intention is to encourage those carrying out the works to minimise the disruption caused to road users and would create surplus funds for the County Council. The Department for Transport is encouraging councils to introduce this Scheme, with various councils having already done so successfully.

The Scheme is open for consultation and views are being accepted until Friday 26 January. There is a designated website where all the documentation can be reviewed and a survey completed: Lane Rental Scheme proposal | Let's Talk Oxfordshire

Residents may also be interested in attending a meeting about this consultation being held at County Hall in Oxford on Wednesday 17 January from 10.30am-12.30pm. There is a link on the website for confirming attendance, whether in person or remotely via video link. 




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