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Footpath closure at river 9 Oct 2023 A land slip has required a local footpath to be temporarily closed

A footpath at Swinford in Cumnor has been closed due to a land slip.

Part of the bank has collapsed along the riverside footpath and this section will remain closed until emergency repair works have been completed. There is also a need for some tree works by boat on the river.

We initially received notice from Oxfordshire County Council (March 23) that repair works were to be carried out from 4-24 April. We have now (Oct 23) been informed that this closure, we was put in place in April, will remain in place up to and including 31 January 2025

Diversion signs will indicate the alternative route, which takes walkers via Oxford Road. Please view this route on the map below.

Eynsham Parish Council will update residents if we have further news on this, conscious that many in our community walk along the river in this area.



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