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Could you be claiming benefits? 19 Jun 2023 Check whether you’re eligible for child or pension benefits and apply online

The UK Government has updated its systems for applying for certain social welfare benefits. This should make it easier for those eligible to apply for the support they are entitled to.

Pension Credit ‘tops up’ a pensioners’ weekly income. Pensioners’ eligibility for this additional money depends on how much money they have in savings as well as their existing pension allowance. The Government’s digital toolkit – which helps explain Pension Credit and accepts applications – has been updated online and should now be easier to use and understand. You can read more about Pension Credit and access the digital tools on the Government website.

Additionally, a digital service has just been launched to help parents apply for Child Benefit payments via the internet. A number of web pages provide detailed information about this financial support, including who is entitled to receive it and for how long. Parents are also able to apply for Child Benefits payment online via the site, which should make it easier for all to access the support they are entitled to.

We appreciate that some of our parish residents will be struggling with escalating costs and would encourage everyone to double check their eligibility for receiving additional financial support from the Government. 



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