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County Council Report: April 2024 16 Apr 2024 An update from Cllr Dan Levy of Oxfordshire County Council presented to the Parish Council in April 2024

New special schools

The County Council is planning two new special schools in the Didcot area to serve south-east Oxfordshire. One will specialise in educating children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) needs. Another special school is due to be built within the Valley Park development and will specialise in educating children with Profound & Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD), Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD) and other needs.

In addition, as many people know, we are building or acquiring small children’s homes to provide care in the county for those who would otherwise have to go somewhere else. This will provide better care for the children at a substantially lower cost.

The home in Aston opened recently, and one is planned in Sutton.

Taking on potholes

OCC is launching a £7m programme this spring to refurbish nearly 100 roads across the county from 8 April to 3 June. It is the biggest surface dressing programme for 20 years. The £7m is made up of £2.6m from the Department for Transport and additional budget for highways agreed in the 2024/2025 Lib Dem/Green Budget (which was not supported by the Tories).

This is good, but it will not make up the approximately £20m gap per annum between what we need to maintain our roads and what the Government awards us. And as the weather gets worse, as appears to be the case, the pressure on our roads will continue to grow.

Money for cycling and walking

Oxfordshire has been awarded £2.384 million for improving walking and cycling infrastructure. The award will be used for expansion of the school streets programme countywide and projects in Abingdon and Witney.

Old Witney Road

I was pleased to support the proposed traffic calming scheme for Old Witney Road in Eynsham, which was approved last month. This is necessary up to the point at which access to the new housing at the old Nursery site is changed so that it is through the new spine road associated with West Eynsham. This may be some time away.

Tenants welcomed into supported housing

Adults with learning disabilities and autism have moved into new accommodation in Witney, purchased by OCC. A further four homes are planned, including in Horspath.

EV chargers

Oxfordshire has won another £3.6m to upgrade EV infrastructure. This is, of course, a bit ‘chicken and egg’. Most people who buy electric cars only do so when they can charge them at home, but we need to make provision for those who are away from home or who can’t charge at home. We also need excess capacity so that nobody turns up in urgent need of charging to discover there is no space.


While not County Council related, there are elections for West Oxfordshire District Council on 2 May. There is one seat up in the Standlake, Aston and Stanton Harcourt ward and one in Eynsham, Cassington and South Leigh. Can I remind people that they will need to take ID to the polling station, or else get a Voter Authority Certificate or apply for a postal vote. All the details are on the District Council website: Elections and voting - West Oxfordshire District Council (westoxon.gov.uk)

It has been a pleasure working with the two District Councillors who are up for re-election.

As ever, I can be contacted at dan.levy@oxfordshire.gov.uk and I would be delighted to hear from you.




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