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Go car-free to medical appointments 7 Jul 2023 How best to travel to medical appointments outside Eynsham or visit relatives in hospital without driving

Eynsham Parish Council is aware that many of our local residents have to travel away from Eynsham to attend medical appointments or to visit loved ones in hospital. Not everyone can or chooses to make these journeys by car.

Fortunately, there are excellent alternatives for travelling to these venues, including via public transport and the long-standing Eynsham Car Scheme. While not exhaustive, the list of medical centres outside Eynsham that most frequently need to be travelled to for patients include the John Radcliffe Hospital and the Churchill Hospital (both in Headington) and Witney, where audiologists, dentists, optometrists and Witney Community Hospital can all be found. Our own GP surgery has a ‘twin’ in Long Hanborough, where local patients may occasionally be sent. 

Stagecoach runs the H2 bus service between Witney Market Square and the John Radcliffe Hospital, serving Eynsham on route. The H2 stops at all stops on Spare Acre Lane and Hanborough Road. Services leave from Spare Acre Lane Shops at 22 minutes past the hour and return from the John Radcliffe at 8 minutes past the hour. At the John Radcliffe passengers can change to the 700 service for travel to the Churchill, Warneford and Nuffield Orthopaedic Hospitals. More information on the route can be accessed on the Stagecoach website.

The Stagecoach S1 service to Witney is frequent and well known. Residents can change in Witney onto the Oxford-bound S7 service for travel to the Long Hanborough GP surgery and pharmacy (journey time from Eynsham to the Hanborough GP is approximately one hour). The layout of the Hanborough Gate bus stop makes it relatively easy to cross the A4095 once you alight the bus. Travel times and routes of all these services can be checked on the website https://www.travelinesw.com.

A brilliant but slightly less frequent option to accessing Long Hanborough is using the First and Last Mile 411 bus service. This has a journey time of 12 minutes and travels roughly every two hours. More details on the route and the times are available on the First and Last Mile website.

Eynsham Car Scheme, which is part of the Eynsham Good Neighbour Network, provides transport to medical appointments both within and outside Eynsham. Volunteer drivers use their own cars and the service is aimed at supporting pensioners and those with limited mobility. A voluntary contribution is requested to help cover the costs of the service and enquiries can be made via 07469 764174. Ideally a minimum of two days’ notice is required to match the journey with an available driver.

Anyone with a health condition that prevents them being able to use public transport or the volunteer car service (e.g. require continuous oxygen) can access the South Central Ambulance Service patient transport. More information about eligibility criteria and registering for this service are available on their website.

Both the Eynsham Car Scheme and the First and Last Mile (411 & 418 services) rely on skilled volunteer drivers to be able to operate. Please contact them directly if you would like to contribute to these valuable services.



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