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Planning for Eynsham’s future 8 Nov 2023 Help us review and shape the Neighbourhood Plan

We know that many of our residents have lived within the Parish for many years and plan to do so for the generations ahead. If you are interested in the future of Eynsham and would like a say in its development and growth, please join us in November to review the Neighbourhood Plan.

Our Neighbourhood Plan was adopted in 2018. This is a key local council document that allows a local area to collaboratively create a shared plan to direct the development and growth of the area for the years to come. Our current plan is for 2018-2031, but we try to regularly review the document to ensure it continues to meet the wishes of – and pressures on – our community.

On Wednesday 22 November we held a drop-in event with the support of Community First Oxfordshire to review the Plan at the Village Hall (in the small hall). For those who were unable to attend, we invite you to review the Plan on the Neighbourhood Planning webpage and share your views with us via email. 

The Council will take residents’ feedback into consideration as we continue to refine the plan following this event. We hope to have a final draft to share with the community during 2024.



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