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Play area use 26 Jun 2023 Safe spaces for everyone

Eynsham Parish Council has been informed by a number of residents that ‘professional’ instructors have been using play areas and the skate park to run organised lessons or classes. This is not something we have sanctioned for the reasons outlined below. It should cease immediately.

The parks and play areas in Eynsham are the responsibility of the Parish Council. We work hard to maintain them, ensuring the play equipment is safe and the whole space is pleasant and accessible for everyone in the community to use and enjoy.

We have no intention of preventing anyone from enjoying activities outdoors. It is beneficial for both mental and physical wellbeing and we enjoy seeing residents making use of the play areas. However, using these spaces for commercial purposes, whether through running training sessions, boxing lessons or any other type of organised sport, is not permissible for a number of reasons.

Firstly, we need to make sure that people of all ages are safe and have sufficient space to enjoy our play areas. This could be compromised by a large group of people gathered for organised sport.

Secondly, everyone should be able to use the play areas without charge in whatever capacity they choose, which a paid-for session or lesson goes against.

Thirdly, there are potential governance risks for users, with critical concerns around insurance for the activity and all the others within the space, and first aid training and DBS checks for instructors.

We would ask anyone who currently arranges lessons or training sessions at any of the play areas or community spaces in Eynsham to cease this immediately. We would also encourage any residents who see commercial activities happening in our spaces to inform us immediately so we can remind these individuals that the activity is not allowed.

Please note, we do not consider club sport, such as football games at the playing fields, as a commercial activity, although permission, prior booking and hire fees are required.

The Council wish to protect residents and their enjoyment of our green spaces. We would never seek to discourage people of all ages to be active outdoors, enjoying an activity they love, but play areas are not the venue for doing organised lessons or training.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this issue, please get in touch with us.



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