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Thames Water update: July 10 Jul 2023 The latest news on the issues in Eynsham

Eynsham Parish Council has been keeping in touch with Thames Water to ensure we fully understand the issues being experienced in the village and monitor the plans to remedy the problems.

We have been informed that the current issues with the pipes in Back Lane are being caused by sewer deformation, which is due to the nature of the pitch fibre material it is made of. To fix this issue, Thames Water had originally planned to line the 240m of deformed pipe. However, now that more information has become available, there is a new plan to ‘pipe burst’.

Fundamentally, a pipe burst involves dragging a pipe of new material through the old pipe to replace it. Before this can be completed, Thames Water will set up the equipment necessary to ensure flow in the network is maintained during the pipe burst. This will require 3-4 holes to be dug in Back Lane and the work will start on 11 July. Unfortunately, this will require a temporary closure of the road. 

We have been informed that the necessary section of Back Lane will be closed from 11 July until 24 July, from 9am until 5pm each day. Access will be available for emergency vehicles and for those with frontages within the closure area.




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