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Utility providers support customers 22 Apr 2024 Vulnerable customers can sign up for additional support

Many people have additional needs and challenges that make them vulnerable to any disruption in the supply of utilities to their home, such as a power outage.

To try and help utility providers engage with and support their most vulnerable customers, there is a free, UK-wide service called the Priority Services Register (PSR). We would encourage those who think they may be eligible to sign up.

By adding your name to the register and creating an account, the PSR will inform your energy supplier and your regional network companies (including gas, electricity and water) of your specific needs to ensure they tailor their support and communication accordingly.

For example, if medical needs result in a power outage being harmful to your health, the energy company would be aware and work appropriately to minimise harm. Another example would be having a disability such as visual impairment which requires specific means of communication to enable you to access the information you need in the right format.

Visit the PSR website to find out more about the service and review the eligibility criteria:The PSR - The Priority Services Register (PSR) is a free UK wide service which provides extra advice and support, including when there’s an interruption to your electricity or gas supply - PSR

Alternatively, call to register for the PSR on 0800 294 3259, while the deaf or hard of hearing can register via textphone on 0800 316 5457.



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