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Old Witney Road traffic calming 6 Jun 2023 Seeking residents’ views on County Council’s plans

Are you a resident of Old Witney Road in Eynsham? We need your help with deciding about proposed traffic calming measures that will impact your area.

As you may be aware, Old Witney Road was built as an exit route from Eynsham when the area was first developed. It is long and relatively straight. At the request of residents, access to and from the A40 was closed in the late 1960s.

Thomas Homes is currently building 77 new homes (Abbey Green) nearby and has permission to re-open Old Witney Road for the new Abbey Green residents. To mitigate the negative impact this could have on existing Old Witney Road residents, the developer has offered to contribute to the costs of installing traffic calming measures along the road.

The proposed traffic calming measures have been developed by Oxfordshire County Council’s Highways department and designed considering the needs of existing properties. These measures would include speed cushions and a pair of one meter build-out areas with priority signage (images are included in the document detailing the proposals). Both would slow traffic without interfering with emergency vehicles. These introductions would bring the road in line with similar residential roads around the village, such as Fruitlands and Abbey Green.

The proposals can be reviewed in more detail on our website (follow this link). This document can also be sent out by post, if required; please send any requests to The total cost of this change will be borne by the developer and the County Council.

The Parish is seeking the thoughts of residents on the road as to the suitability of the suggested traffic calming. If 50% or more of the responses received are supportive, the County Council will take the matter forward with a formal consultation.

If you’re a resident of Old Witney Road, we’d like you to contact us via email ( or post. Please let us know your name and address, whether you support the County Council Highways’ plans (yes or no), and then any comments you might have. The deadline for responses is Sunday 23 July, after which we will share the results as soon as we are able to.  



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