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Keeping out the lorries 3 Aug 2023 New signage should help reduce the number of large vehicles passing through Eynsham

Eynsham Parish Council is aware of an ongoing issue with large lorries driving through the narrow streets of Eynsham. We hope that new signage should start to improve this situation.

For some time, large lorries have been driving through the narrow, unsuitable streets of the village and, on occasion, these lorries have caused damage to buildings. While some of these lorries are making deliveries to local businesses, too often the drivers are using the route as a shortcut. This has been a source of frustration and a continuing concern for those with property near some of the tighter turns.

We’re pleased to confirm that the County Council is now pressing ahead with plans to erect replacement signage at the Mill Street/Thames Street junction to warn lorries of the narrow conditions and stop them from driving through unnecessarily.

We hope the signs will be put up in the coming weeks to ease the situation as soon as possible. 

A broader scheme to alter the Mill Street/Thames Street junction is currently being planned. Updates on this work will be shared with residents via the website.



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