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Eynsham Northern Circuit 11 Dec 2018 You don't know what you've got till it's gone

This 6-mile circular walk, heading north from Eynsham, takes in much of the lovely countryside which will be decimated if the new "Garden Village" goes ahead. I would like to urge as many people as possible to try this route while the fine uninterrupted views can still be seen.

The circuit starts from the free car park in Back Lane and moves anticlockwise to include the outskirts of the picturesque villages of Church Hanborough and Freeland, returning via Eynsham’s Millennium Wood and the Evenlode pub. It takes you through fields, woods and beautiful rolling countryside, offering the chance of plentiful birdlife, including buzzards, red kites and lapwing, and there is always the possibility of spotting hare and roe deer. In early spring the blackthorn is magnificent; later on there are carpets of bluebells and flower-filled meadows scented with masses of meadowsweet, attracting butterflies galore.

The directions are available as a downloadable map to print and take on your way.

If you feel inspired to add your own walks they will be warmly welcomed - please get in touch.

We're always really grateful to hear about any problems - or, indeed any positive feedback - on our footpaths, so do provide as much information as you can (grid reference if possible, the footpath number, and the nature of the problem).


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