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ENP Examiner's Report Published 15 May 2018 The report of the Independent Examiner of the draft Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan is now available

Neighbourhood Plans are subject to independent examination before they can be put to a residents' referendum. We have just got the report on our Neighbourhood Plan which, as expected from the meeting held last December, does not recommend the plan for adoption.

You can download the plan from WODC web-site here.

While this is very disappointing it reflects the very difficult position Eynsham finds itself in with the WODC Local Plan requiring us to increase the parish population by 250% and that plan, with which ours has to be 'in general agreement', is still not in place.

The Parish Council will consider what to do next at its June 5th meeting. We do have the option of rewriting the plan to overcome the issues raised and this should be possible without affecting the impact of the plan very much. We would still have to go through a process of consultation (about 15 weeks) and another examination so it won't be ready until the end of the year. By then WODC local plan should be complete which will get round some of the other issues raised.

If you have any questions email Richard Andrews