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Too Little, Too Late? 15 Jun 2017 Here are the long-awaited answers to the questions we asked WODC last December

Fresh from Stage 2 of their Local Plan enquiry, District Council planning officer Giles Hughes has finally responded to the questions village residents asked WODC leader James Mills and his team at our meeting last December in the Village Hall.

The questions follow- download the PDF below.

  1. What is happening to David Einig Contracting site and the associated HGV traffic?
  2. Why did the Expression of Interest not recognise
    - The Grade II listed buildings on City Farm
    - The Flood Zone 3 area
    - The European Importance for Arable Plants area, and
    - The Tilgarsley Village archaeological site and the Roman Salt Road recognised by OCC?
  3. The A40 questions were asked but never answered and this has only been reinforced at the Local Plan sessions.
  4. How will air quality be maintained?
  5. How will WODC ensure exemplar design standards as opposed to developer led dormitory solutions?
  6. What robust evidence is there for the unmet housing need?
  7. The alternative sites have not been properly assessed or the infrastructure implications considered.
  8. New residents will depend on Eynsham services. How will they be assisted to meet demand?
  9. Most questions about the buffer zone and the separation between the two settlements were dismissed as the plan was only indicative. The Inspector has been told they will not be separate but distinct. Most residents will not know this major change of position.


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