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No, No and No! 11 Jun 2017 Eynsham Parish Council OBJECTS to three developments that WODC Lowlands Area Planning Sub-Committee is to consider on Monday.

Land on Stanton Harcourt Road, Old Station Way (relocation of Building 4)

View WODC officer summary (pp.46-51). Eynsham Parish Council continues to support the development and expansion of the Polar Technology group in Eynsham but objects to these proposals.
‘The[y] ... are not for the benefit of the applicant’s expansion of its business but clearly to facilitate the proposals by West Oxfordshire District Council for a western link road extending from the A40 to the B4449 Stanton Harcourt Road. This is contrary to the provisions of the emerging Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan, which expresses a strong preference against a road link and associated development, south of the Chil Brook.
Previous plans for expansion of the Polar site were within an area of several general industrial and employment buildings, contained within a specific industrial zone with an extension of that zone to the south-west, away from the village.
‘The latest proposal pushes up towards the village. Combined with the development flowing from a link road to the B4449, the Polar site would become part of an urbanized expansion of the southern edge of the village and flood plain, which has important amenity and conservation value, contrary to BE4 and the emerging Neighbourhood Plan.’
Further concerns on traffic and transport and flood risk persist from the earlier application.

Residential development of 52 dwellings east of Monkswood, Pink Hill Lane

In a rare display of unanimity, Parish, County and District agree on refusal, not least because the application documents provide no evidence that the applicant has, or can acquire, right of access to the development site. View documents.
‘Notwithstanding the benefits [of new housing provision] ... they do not outweigh the harm to the setting of the Eynsham ... heritage assets, nor do they outweigh the significant and demonstrable harm to the character and appearance of the landscape ... In addition ... the local primary school cannot accommodate the children who may live in the proposed dwellings.’

Kian Court, Southfield Road (access to Pinkhill Lane):

OCC and Eynsham Parish Council object to the applicant's ‘removing the barrier and landscaping between the industrial estate upon which Kian Court is sited and Pinkhill Lane, to provide access to what is only a private road and bridleway. The Parish Council has serious reservations as the applicant has already constructed a metal fence which not only has a pedestrian gate but a vehicular gate providing unauthorized access to Pinkhill Lane. Adequate access for pedestrians, vehicles and refuse vehicles can be obtained from Southfield Road. View documents.


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