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We are Very Disappointed ... 20 Apr 2017 Here's Eynsham Parish Council's submission to the Government Inspector on WODC's modified Local Plan

Introductory statement and closing remarks follow, you can download the PDF below.

“Eynsham Parish Council is very disappointed in the way that Eynsham has been treated throughout the process of modifying the local plan and incorporating Oxford City's unmet housing need ...

“A substantial proportion of the homes added to the Local Plan in its latest form are allocated to Eynsham. As it stands these proposals are so far from demonstrable practicality that it jeopardises the entire plan. EPC therefore suggests that the Local Plan as proposed does not demonstrate that it can deliver the number of houses it puts forward, particularly as it has no reserve provision.

“At the very least, the highly prescriptive allocation of numbers of houses and new link roads to specific sites in the Parish of Eynsham should be set aside so that the delivery of houses either side of the A40 can be considered as a whole and with more attention to reality, good planning and local needs. Attention should also be given to alternative and perhaps more viable locations for some of the proposed new homes, including the possibility of building elsewhere in communities whose willingness to welcome more residents has also been ignored by WODC.”

The hearings resume on Tuesday 9 May. An earlier version of the Local Plan (July 2015) was suspended in the light of the Inspector's preliminary findings.