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Another Garden Village 13 Jan 2017 Just as one Garden Village gets Government blessing, another is revealed.

We are now able to publish the outline of the 'other' Garden Village (GV) proposal. It is described as a Vision Document which means it isn't yet a complete plan but does give us a clear picture of what the proposal will be. You can find the document here (8 Mb alert).

We should not forget that this will be a huge shock to South Leigh who will feel just as 'dumped on' as we did when WODC increased our housing allocation from about 250 to 3200!

Eynsham must not assume that we can or should shift our problems onto South Leigh. Let the matter be judged on merit.

We have no idea what will happen next.

Eynsham Futures will revisit the Neighbourhood Plan again to see if we have covered all the options. If this GV goes ahead there will still be pressure to develop north of the A40 so we will dust off the section of the Neighbourhood Plan for a smaller but integrated northern extension to Eynsham which, of course, will bring us back to the problems of the A40 again.

Eynsham Parish Council web-site has a file-size limit which is just below the original size of this document. Until the size limit can be raised, two pages (p33 and p35) which are artist-impression pictures have been removed to make it fit. We apologise to the document's authors for this temporary necessity.


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