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Neighbourhood Plan Day 10 Nov 2016 A day-long drop-in session for you to ask us questions about the Neighbourhood Plan and make comments : Saturday 19 November

Our public meeting on October 5th was an opportunity for you to help us finalise the Neighbourhood Plan. As it was, events overtook that meeting so we are doing the same thing again but a bit differently.

This time we have an all-day session from 10.30am to 5.00pm on Saturday, November 19th so you can call by at any time and discuss what is and isn't in the Plan and why.

  • You can learn more about the Plan and its goals.
  • We can hear your thoughts and concerns and discuss possible improvements to the plan.
  • We can show you how you can respond directly to WODC's plan to build 3200 new homes in and around Eynsham.

Here is the poster we will be using to publicise the event; you can look at the Neighbourhood Plan and our appraisal of the local development sites here.

There will be a second meeting on December 5th to ask those responsible WHY has Eynsham been singled out as it has - details here.