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Garden Village details published 21 Aug 2016 WODC has published its "Expression of Interest" in a 2200 home Garden Village just north of the A40 at Eynsham.

A 'Garden Village' in this context is an alternative to building new bits onto existing villages. Instead, a new village will be built linked to a nearby city but away from expensive building land near an existing villages. All the facilities (schools, shops, sports, entertainment) need to be built from scratch but cheap land allows new homes to be more affordable with more space for gardens and open space than on typical development sites. The EOI is available to download here.

Neither the Parish Council nor Eynsham Futures, who are preparing the Neighbourhood Plan (NP), were involved in preparing this EOI so we cannot comment yet.

(Updated Jan 2, 2017) The Garden Village is part of the West Oxfordshire Local Plan and has today been allocated Government money to help with its planning. It is to be hoped that this money will encourage WODC and OCC to work together on planning matching improvements to the A40 to support this and other new housing.

The full statement explaining the circumstances of the EOI is available below.