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Sand and Gravel 7 May 2010 A discrepancy between local and nation allocation calls for urgent response

Councillor Charles Mathew has drawn attention to a recent article in the Oxford Times which published the increased allocation for Oxfordshire in the SEERA quota for sand and gravel to 2026:

  • The COUNTY allocation has been increased from 1.8 million tonnes to 2.2 million tonnes per annum, though only 637,000 tonnes per annum is used within Oxfordshire.
  • NATIONALLY, however, the amount the Government wants extracted is down by 2.4%.

Oxfordshire County Council has frequently stated that the absolute maximum economic distance to transport gravel is 25-30 miles.

It is open to anyone to respond to the current consultation on the Secretary of State's proposals by 1 June. Cllr Mathew would urge you to write in the strongest terms, sending him a copy of your correspondence, so that the apparent imbalance can be countered. This is the last chance to try to influence the Secretary of State's decision.

Read the reports, download the comments form and return it by post or email no arrive no later than 1 June.