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Planning Committee 15 Mar 2012 Draft minutes now online include earlier applications and their outcome at WODC

Eynsham Parish Council's Planning Committee met on Tuesday 13 March to consider recent proposals to the District Council.

The draft minutes, which are now online, also list earlier applications and their outcome at WODC.

  • 12/0211/P/FP High Croft House, Tanners Lane - Construction of dwelling and detached annexe together with associated works and car parking facilities
  • 12/0213/P/FP 5 Blankstones Farm, 39 Acre End Street - Erection of new boundary wall and log/bin store
  • 12/0240/P/FP Siemens Magnet Technology Ltd Wharf Road - Installation of replacement helium storage vessels and cooling towers, new storage containers, associated plant and equipment and relocation of bicycle shed
  • 12/0277/P/FP Plot 47 Swinford Green Eynsham - Erection of dwelling (to allow rear conservatory)
  • 12/0310/P/FP 4 Blankstones Farm, 39 Acre End Street - Erection of single storey rear extension and canopy to front entrance (to allow increase in roof pitch and slate covering)
  • 12/0331/P/ FP 22 Queen Street - Erection of first floor extension
  • 12/0360/P/FP 10 Shakespeare Road - Erection of rear conservatory
  • 12/0349/P/FP Siemens Magnet Technology, Wharf Road - Erection of 2.4m high security fencing, car park barrier and turnstile & single pedestrian gate.