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Need urgent medical treatment? 1 May 2024 If it's not a life-threatening emergency, seek care away from A&E

In case of emergency that is serious and life-threatening, you must always call 999. For issues that aren’t critical but need quicker attention that waiting for a GP appointment, the NHS has another urgent care line: 111.

This phone service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for patients of all ages. The call handlers can provide advice, book an emergency dental appointment, connect you with mental health support or provide access to the Out of Hours GP Service.

As the name suggests, the Out of Hours GP Service can help with urgent health needs that need attention before the GP surgery re-opens. Conditions that will be seen in this way include illnesses and infections, such as cold and flu, rashes, urinary tract infections and fevers.

If you have a physical injury that needs attention, but is not an emergency, you can visit a Minor Injuries Unit (MIU). This is the best option for injuries such as deep cuts, broken bones, severe sprains, minor head injuries, minor burns and scalds.

There are a number of MIUs across the county; the closest one to Eynsham is in Witney Community Hospital, Welch Way. The MIU is open every day from 10am until 10.30pm, with X-ray facilities available each day over slightly shorter hours (visit the NHS website for more details: Minor Injuries Units and First Aid Units - Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust).

You don’t have to make an appointment before you attend a MIU if there isn’t time to do so; similar to A&E, patients will just need to wait before being triaged and treated as soon as possible.

It's important to take injuries, illnesses or any medical issues to the right place to avoid putting additional pressure on emergency services. Calling 999 or attending A&E should only be undertaken for a life-threatening or critical emergency.



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