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Accessible path to the river 26 May 2023 Upgrades will soon be made for accessible path to the Thames in Eynsham

Eynsham Parish Council has been in discussion with Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) about creating an accessible route to the River Thames in Eynsham, via the footpath off the 4044 towards the Toll Bridge (just past The Talbot). We’re thrilled to be able to report that this will soon be achieved, providing the first accessible route to the waterfront from our village!

The footbridge at Wharf Stream Way has been assessed and deemed wide enough for wheelchairs and most mobility scooters. Ideally, the bridge would be wider, and this task has been added to the wishlist at OCC and may happen when funding allows. 

The swinging sections of the kissing gates on the bridge have been completely removed for now and will soon be replaced by self-closing metal bridle gates. The enclosures against which the gates would be opened are also to be removed, allowing wheelchairs and mobility scooters quick and easy access through the gates.

Our contact at OCC has confirmed that changes to the kissing gate and concrete step at the B4044 field entrance are scheduled to take place in the coming weeks, so we are hopeful that this area will be fully accessible in time for the summer, allowing all our residents to reach the river more easily during the nice weather.

As an added bonus, the owner of the land plans to re-seed the area around the footbridge soon, ensuring this will be a lovely footpath for all who use it.



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