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Letter to The Editor 27 Oct 2015 The Neighbourhood Planning group has written to local newspapers in response to a BBC TV news item on Oxford's housing crisis

Eynsham Neighbourhood Planning group has written to Oxford Times and Witney Gazette in response to the recent BBC TV news item on Oxford's housing crisis. Full text follows below.

“EYNSHAM residents didn't know whether to laugh or cry when BBC TV News used our village to illustrate their piece about Oxford's housing crisis, insinuating that we were NIMBYs more concerned about our nice view than about people who can't afford a home.

“Eynsham in reality is a busy place where 200 of the nearly 2000 homes are less than 10 years old and our 15 year Neighbourhood Plan will call for more than the 250 new homes we have been allocated and include vital infrastructure, such as roads and schools plus business expansion in the thriving science, technology & engineering sector that drives our community as part of the Oxford Science Vale.

“We have consulted the community and found both need and support for new homes in the village aimed at families, young professionals and key workers to keep the businesses thriving and at the special needs of an increasingly elderly population. 50% of new homes will be "affordable".

“This doesn't fit well with developers who want to maximise their windfall land-value profits before proper plans are in place; our objections currently focus on poor road access and no spare places at either primary or secondary schools.

“We believe we can find the right balance between development and conservation to meet the housing needs of locals and the wider Oxford area whilst protecting the sense of place that makes this a worthwhile place for new and existing residents to live. Your readers can find us at ”

Eynsham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group,
Chair- Posy Parrinder, 7 Abbey Farm Barns, Eynsham OX29 4FA


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