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Embracing Change 7 Jan 2015 With the whole Parish now officially designated as a Neighbourhood Area, Posy Parrinder looks ahead.

The whole Parish has now been officially designated as a Neighbourhood Area for the plan. If you are a resident / business in the more outlying areas of the parish such as Barnard Gate we would particularly like to hear from you.

The Steering Group met twice before Christmas. The first meeting set up smaller task groups of volunteers to start looking at the information we need to collect on such issues as housing need, business development, educational, health and other infrastructure provision, plus aspects of the environment and history / heritage in Eynsham.

Pending wider public endorsement, we have appointed some interim leaders to move the project forward. This leadership group will plan the way we engage the wider community- residents; workers; pupils; businesses; schools, health and service providers; and village organisations. We have already started talking on an informal basis to many in the wider community. We will also be formulating a Project Plan, seeking funding, setting up a website / blog / social media and working closely with the District Council.

One of our first priorities is to call a public meeting in February or early March to outline the project and start the consultation process. Please watch out for notices around the village and at Eynsham online. Volunteers to deliver handbills to households would also be very welcome.

The number of people wanting to get involved continues to grow. We have a wealth of experience and talent in this village!

A second special meeting of the Steering Group was addressed by Vincent Goodstadt, a village resident who is a professional town planner. He gave us much good advice and guidance. He also clarified a number of issues in response to our questions. Vincent has worked on numerous Neighbourhood Plans in his professional capacity. We are most grateful for his input. A recording of most of the meeting should soon be available at online.