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Make sure you're Weather Ready 22 May 2023 Some good advice on preparing for summer

The Met Office and UK Government are running a WeatherReady campaign to educate people on how to best prepare for the summer months. After record-high temperatures last year, it’s useful to know how to stay cool and safe before the temperatures rise.

Here are some of the tips:

  • Get ready to get active – if you’re going to be physically active or out and about over the warmer months, make sure you have a sun hat, sun cream, a water bottle and wet-weather gear ready for use ahead of time.
  • Check your house and garden – take a moment to review what might need fixing before the hot weather and either hire someone to help or complete the tasks safely yourself.
  • Take the worry out of summer storms – consider what might get blown around in your garden (you may want to find a way to tie things down) and check drains are clear in case of heavy rain.
  • Be prepared for hot weather – if you know that you like to continue gardening or being out even when the weather heats up, make sure you know the necessary steps to remain safe. This includes avoiding the hottest part of the day, wearing a hat and sun cream, and drinking plenty of water.
  • Keep an eye on UV and pollen levels – both of these are already rising so check the levels each day and make sure you have the necessary sun cream and allergy products (nasal sprays or tablets) to help.
  • Check your vehicle is summer-ready – if you’re planning car trips during the summer, make sure your vehicle is ready to go. This includes topping up screen wash, coolant and oil levels. It would also be worth checking your tyre pressure and putting some non-perishable drinks and food inside the car in case of any hold-ups.
  • Look out for those around you – consider who else living locally may struggle in the summer, (e.g. elderly people, young children or those with medical conditions) and how you could support them.
  • Prepare a ‘grab bag’ with basic supplies – gather equipment such as a torch with batteries, bottled water, medicines and non-perishable food together in a bag in case you have to leave your house urgently in an emergency.

There is more information about the campaign and detailed advice on the WeatherReady website. This site also shares some resources if you want to spread the message to your own community or more widely.  

Stay safe everyone!



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