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Watch out for the Walking Bus! 9 May 2023 Eynsham Community Primary School will mark Walk to School Week

On Wednesday 17 May, Eynsham residents may spot larger groups of children making their way on foot to Eynsham Community Primary School. In fact, your own children may be involved.

This is the ‘Walking Bus’ and has been organised by Ms Maton from Eynsham Community Primary School, Cllr Andy Goodwin from West Oxfordshire District Council, and Cllr Milly Chen and Cllr Sue Osborne from Eynsham Parish Council. It will help our local children to take part in national Walk to School Week which runs from 15-19 May and is part of National Walking Month.

The Walk to School Week campaign is spearheaded by Living Streets and encourages students to travel to and from school in a sustainable, healthy way. There is a focus on encouraging physical exercise, building good relationships and reducing carbon emissions that damage the environment.  

There will be a number of Walking Buses that will travel to and from school on 17 May. There are various meeting points for students who want to take part. These are marked on the map below. Children should gather at their meeting point at between 8.15am and 8.25am (time is location-specific - please review the map below) where they will meet a ‘designated driver’ who will help with the safety and route. All the gathered students will make the walk together.  

With the weather improving and many children living close to the school, this presents a lovely opportunity for our youngsters to get some exercise, fresh air and be reminded of how their small actions – like walking to school instead of going in the car – can have a positive impact on the environment and their wellbeing.

Our Eynsham Parish Councillors have enjoyed being involved in helping to arrange and publicise the activities and we would encourage parents to help their children to take part if possible.

If you don’t have children in the village but are travelling during the Walking Bus hours, give our youngsters a wave and drive carefully to ensure their walking route remains safe and pleasant.

*UPDATE* 17 May

The Walking Bus was a success! Our Cllr Milly Chen, who facilitated one of the bus routes, said:

"I wasn't sure how many people would join this morning, but it turned out to be an absolute success! I have never seen so many children walking to school together before. It felt like half of the village was there.

Children were chatting with each other, and so were the parents. I too got to know people whom I have not met before, even though they live just one street away. It was such a wonderful community experience and we got some exercise done at the same time! Plus one couldn't have hoped for better weather. 

Thank you to everyone who helped to make it happen and our children for taking part!"

View the photos Cllr Milly took at the bottom of the page. 



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