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Meet a Councillor: Beth Partlett 14 Apr 2023 Find out more about one of our newest Councillors in her Q&A

When did you join the council?

I joined in September 2022 along with my mum, Ann.   

Why did you want to join the council?

To see if I can help make a difference and make Eynsham the best it can be. Also, to give input from the perspective of a slightly younger person than is normally on the Council.

What do you enjoy about being a Councillor?

I really enjoy learning about what is going on in the village and surrounding areas – there is a lot! I also enjoyed the Annual Parish Council Meeting that we had in March. It was great to meet many fellow residents and chat with the local businesses, groups and organisations.

What has most surprised you since you became a Councillor?

I have been surprised by how many people I meet in the village tell me how impressed they are that a "young person" has joined the Council. They think it's great.

What is the biggest misconception other people seem to have about what a Parish Council does?

I think residents assume we have more power than we do. Unfortunately, as much as we might disagree with something, we don't always have the opportunity or power to object.

What issue are you most passionate about?

I have recently joined the Amenities & Estates Committee. I love everything to do with nature and the environment, which is what we focus on, so I am looking forward to seeing what happens with the Committee.

Why do you like about living in Eynsham?

My dad’s side of the family have been in Eynsham well over 200 years and, while I know it sounds cheesy, I just love Eynsham! Both sides of my family grew up here and this is where I want to stay and bring up my family.

What is your favourite community event or activity?

One word: Carnival!

What do you do as a profession – and why do you enjoy it?

I am a Recruitment Consultant in Oxford and I love the team I work with – they are just brilliant. We have a great dynamic and we all bounce off of each other. I don't think a day goes past where we haven't cried of laughter – it’s proper belly laughing, too.

How do you like to spend your spare time?

I do have another job outside of my recruitment work, but if I'm not doing that, then I am probably watching films. I love going to the cinema. I also enjoy walking the dog with my fiancé, especially if we also stop for a pub lunch. Anyone who knows me will know how much I love food, so trying different cuisines, either by cooking myself or visiting restaurants, is something I thoroughly enjoy.

Do you have a question or a concern you’d like Beth to raise with the Council? You can contact here on  






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