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Happy or sad speed? 31 Mar 2023 Eynsham has a new vehicle-activated sign to remind drivers of speed limits

Residents may have spotted the new vehicle-activated sign that has recently been installed on Witney Road in Eynsham.

This new sign can monitor the speed of an approaching vehicle and will flash up the number to let drivers know whether they need to slow down to remain within the new speed limits. The sign also displays a sad face or a smiling face to indicate whether the speed is too fast or within the limits respectively.

Research has shown that these signs can be beneficial in reducing the speed of cars without causing inconvenience to drivers and can be found in other Oxfordshire villages. We hope the sign will be a useful reminder to drivers of the recently-changed speed limits and help them remain within them.   The Parish Council is grateful to Oxfordshire County Council, who provided a grant to fund half of the cost of this equipment.

Speed limits within the village were changed recently to make roads safer for all road users. This is being enforced by our new Community Speedwatch (CSW) Group in collaboration with Thames Valley Police. You can read more about enforcement in this previous article.



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