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Botley West Solar Farm update 15 Mar 2023 Community consultation closed; what happens next?

Eynsham residents may be familiar with the Botley West Solar Farm project, which would involve a large solar farm being created close to our village.

At the end of last year, this project underwent a community consultation process. The developers and representatives from the Botley West team held sessions in the various neighbourhoods that would be impacted to speak with local people. Some of you may have attended the session held in Eynsham.

The community consultation process is now closed. Botley West Solar Farm developers will now produce a Consultation Summary Report which will summarise, as their official email update states:

“…the feedback we have received and how we are shaping the designs of the proposals to reflect the comments of key stakeholders and local communities.”

Following this, there will be a second consultation period later in 2023, during which the updated design of Botley West Solar Farm and the Preliminary Environmental Information Repot (PEIR) will be available to review.

The developers have updated their FAQs to answer some of the questions that were raised consistently during the consultation process via the community-based project events and other feedback channels. These can be accessed on the Botley West Solar Farm website, where you can also find more details about the project.

Eynsham Parish Council will continue to monitor this development and update residents as and when the Report has been published. We will also inform the community when the second consultation process is announced and how they might take part.

A number of local residents who are against the plan have formed a campaign group called Stop Botley West. You are able to find out more about their activity and opportunities to be involved with them by visiting their website.



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