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Conduit Lane re-opens 14 Mar 2023 Our footpath has been re-opened as critical safety works are completed

Residents may have noticed – and we are delighted to report – that Conduit Lane has now re-opened for use.

The convenient footpath was closed in December 2021 due to an old stone wall at risk of collapse. Over the past months, this stone wall has been removed and re-built, with the footpath widened to improve access. The Lane has now been declared safe for use and re-opened.

While one of the signposts has been re-erected in Conduit Lane and all re-pointing and tarmacking tasks were completed last week, one task remains outstanding. An additional (blue directional) sign will need to be affixed once the fixings are available to do so. There is hope to get this final step completed soon.

On behalf of Oxfordshire County Council, we thank our residents for their patience while this closure was in place. We recognise how much of an inconvenience this has been for those moving around Eynsham on foot. However, it’s vital that these well-used paths around our parish are safe for all to use.

The Council is grateful that this work has been completed and we can use the Lane with confidence. It is hoped the communications we have provided to update residents have been beneficial.



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