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Conduit Lane latest 7 Mar 2023 The latest update we have on the progress of critical repair work

Eynsham Parish Council would like to share with our residents the latest update we have received on progress of the important repair and re-building work that is happening in Conduit Lane.

The new wall has now been completely re-built. Residents will be able to see it from the barrier which blocks the entrance to Conduit Lane.

The next stage in the process is to complete the pointing (adding mortar to the joints in the stonework) on the wall, before the lane is cleared completely of rubble to allow for re-surfacing.

Much of this activity is weather-permitting and Oxfordshire is facing some difficult and cold conditions in the days ahead. This may delay progress at times.

However, this work is fast nearing completion, after which the Lane will be re-opened to the public safely. Eynsham Parish Council will continue to keep you updated on progress via this website as and when we have more news and will share an intended re-opening date once it has been confirmed.

We appreciate how inconvenient this ongoing closure is for many of our residents and visitors. We hope you are relieved to hear that we are now entering the final stages of the work necessary to make the Lane safe for use.



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