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How I Became a Councillor: Carl Rylet 20 Jan 2023 Find out what the process is like and whether it may suit you

How did you hear about vacancies for new Councillors?

I was interested in getting involved in local politics, so went along to see how the meetings were run. I found out there was a free space, so put myself forward to be co-opted. 

Before you applied, how did you feel about the prospect of becoming a Councillor?

I wasn’t at all sure that I would have the right skills or enough time, but decided to take the plunge anyway – I’m glad that I did. I’ve learnt a huge amount as a Councillor and am still learning.

How easy was it to apply and be elected/co-opted?

Very easy. I sent a short resume of myself to the Council and was successfully co-opted at the next meeting.

What initially surprised you about the Council at your first meetings?

I was surprised by the scale of the things which the Parish Council deals with. There’s a lot going on all the time in Eynsham.

What skills would make someone a good Councillor?

It’s important to be curious about how local government works and want to make a difference, whether big or small, to the local community.

How would you tempt others to considering becoming a Councillor?

The benefits and rewards are meeting and working with similar-minded people, finding out how things work in the village, and knowing that you’ve made a positive difference on the community that you feel passionate about.

What’s the most rewarding activity you’ve done as a Councillor?

Perhaps the most fun activity has been working on play areas and helping choose new equipment. I also enjoy helping the Parish Council work together with the local Nature Recovery Network.

What’s been the most difficult moment?

The most challenging aspect of local politics in Eynsham is dealing with the changes being made to the A40 and the proposed new housing developments.

How would you sum up what Eynsham Parish Council does?

Parish Councils are the closest level of government to residents and are therefore an important voice for the local community. They are often best-placed for getting the details right in their area. Eynsham Parish Council contributes to keeping the village a wonderful place to live and dealing with the challenges we face.

To find out more about becoming a Councillor, visit the Councillor page on the website or contact To ask Carl a question about his experience, email him on




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