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Conduit Lane latest 9 Dec 2022 Your weekly update on repair works

The Parish Council has been updated by those involved in completing the repair work in Conduit Lane.

The concrete is now set and the task of rebuilding the wall is now waiting on delivery of the stone, which is scheduled to arrive on site on 22 December. Considering the proximity of the delivery date to Christmas, it is unlikely that rebuilding activity will commence until January. 

While sections of the old wall will be used to rebuild the new, it is necessary for new stone from the quarry to be mixed in with it from the outset to ensure the wall looks coherent when built. This is because the old stone is weathered and darker in colour, while the new stone will be brighter.

We will continue to provide updates to residents whenever we have new information to share, as we appreciate how frustrating the ongoing closure of Conduit Lane is for our parish.  



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