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Review the new, ambitious Travel Plan 5 Sep 2022 The County Council wants to hear from local people on proposed Travel Plan

Oxfordshire County Council is calling on Eynsham residents to share their thoughts on the draft Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan. The Plan aims to create a carbon-neutral transport network that helps people move quickly and safely around the area, which includes our village and the city centre.

This is the first of various localised Plans that will cover the whole county and form a key part of the Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP), adopted in July. The LTCP sets a general transport vision for Oxfordshire and includes ambitious targets such as delivering a net-zero transport network by 2040.

The Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan sets out 22 actions to help deliver the sustainable and reliable transport system envisaged, which would include comprehensive and safe cycle paths and footpaths and a significant reduction in traffic congestion.

There are also three major transport proposals within it: traffic filters, a workplace parking levy and an expanded zero emission zone. More information on the intentions of the Travel Plan are available on the County Council website.

The survey is open now and is available to complete on the Let’s Talk Oxfordshire website until 3 October. Eynsham Parish Council will consider a draft response at is Full Council meeting in September which we will share with you via the website in due course.



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