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Conduit Lane to close again 1 Sep 2022 The latest update on work from OCC

Eynsham Parish Council has been advised that the repair work necessary to make Conduit Lane safe for use and to allow it to permanently re-open has been scheduled for September.

The necessary repair work is scheduled for 12 September, but the contractors who are erecting the hoarding to block access to the Lane will do so on Friday 2 September. From this date until the completion of the works, Conduit Lane will remain closed.

From 12 September, workers will be onsite to dismantle the wall, a task that is estimated to take 3-4 weeks. Following this, the wall will be repaired and re-built, a responsibility that falls to the property owners. It is hoped that the re-building work will happen soon after the demolition work to allow Conduit Lane to re-open as soon as possible. Unfortunately, exact timing of the re-building work has yet to be confirmed.  

We appreciate that the issue with Conduit Lane has lasted far longer than anyone would have hoped and will have been a source of frustration for residents, particularly those with mobility issues. We also recognise that closing the Lane weeks ahead of the repair work taking place is not ideal. The Parish Council pushed for an alternative to allow the Lane to be used until 12 September, but the County Council has informed us that there is no other option, due to the pressures on the contractors.

Any further updates on this activity will be shared on our website and via social media. We sincerely hope that Conduit Lane will be re-open, safer and wider than previously, during the autumn.



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