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Staying transparent and accessible 9 Aug 2022 As your local council, we’re committed to making sure everyone has access

At Eynsham Parish Council we are very conscious of the varying needs of different people within our community. We don’t want any residents to feel unable to take part or contribute to Council business or attend Council meeting and events.

With this in mind, we ensure all our venues are fully accessible, our processes are fully transparent and our meetings are open to all, whether in person or online. For example, you can find minutes from all our meetings on the website, as well as locate the links to join meetings at the top of all our agendas. The Village Hall, where our meetings usually take place, is an accessible building and centrally located for the community.

It’s encouraging to learn that our commitment to accessibility and transparency is something we share with West Oxfordshire District Council. The District Council is currently undergoing a project to review and improve the accessibility of all its Council buildings in Witney. There are plans to install new technology into meeting rooms to allow online access for members of the public to meetings, as well as a consolidation of office space to move more services and departments into centrally-located offices, making them easier for local people to get to.

The change in use of properties will create more modern working space for staff, help to reduce the carbon footprint and free up some Council buildings that can become income-generating. Any money made will be used to further improve services and support local people. You can read more about the specific changes and which buildings will be involved on the District Council website.



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