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Pick up a preloved bargain 11 Jul 2022 Local recycling centre will be hosting its first pop-up shop to sell reusable items

On Saturday 16 July, Dix Pit Waste Recycling Centre in Stanton Harcourt will be hosting its first ‘Reuse Pop-up Shop’ to sell preloved items that can still be used.

From 8am until 1pm, attendees will be able to browse the selected, salvaged wares and pick up some bargains, helping to reduce the number of still-usable items that would otherwise end up in landfill sites or require energy to recycle. A poster for the event can be viewed on the link below.

The event has been arranged in a partnership between FCC Environment (the company running Dix Pit) and Oxfordshire County Council to explore the additional options available for reducing waste in the county. Last year, Oxfordshire was the top-performing council in England in regards waste management and there is an ongoing target to increase recycling to 70% by 2030 (this was 59.5% for 2020-21).

As there are quite a few Eynsham residents who are concerned about sustainability and the environment, this Pop-Up Shop could be a great event for sourcing items as well as supporting the council’s effort to drive improvements. 


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